Équipe de Danse


Équipe de Danse is our elite group of competition dancers. They are a dedicated group who have a real passion for dance and performance. Winning top awards, such as ELITE TOP GROUPS (2012), DANCER OF THE YEAR (2015), TOP OVERALL PETITE (2008, 2010,2012, 2014), AND TEEN (2012 ,2014 ,2015) This group is held to a higher standard.  Our Competition Dance Team are created for dancers who “live, eat, drink, and breathe” dance; who regard dance as their most important extra-curricular activity.

  • If you are a dancer ages 5-18, who is heavily involved in sports or cheer-leading (and/or many other activities) then our competition teams would not be right for you. It would be better for you to be in a regular dance class where you could enjoy performing without the commitment that a performance team requires.
  • Dance team members are selected by teachers. Teachers will select students from class and "invite" them to become a member
  • if you are interested to learn more, please see your child's dance teacher)